Information regarding Covid-19

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We take the current situation very seriously, follow the developments and immediately adhere to the guidelines and advice decided by the authorities and the government.



We have already taken measures to protect customers and employees from the virus. We do not carry out work trips and only participate in digital meetings. We have expanded the cleaning of our premises with a focus on particularly exposed areas such as hygiene rooms, handles and stair rails. Hand dispensing stations are located in the workplace and personnel in external service use gloves. Our staff keep safety distance to people they meet and use hand sanitizer regularly during the work day.

Remember that you can use our digital payment solutions, thus avoiding unnecessary risk of spreading the virus to you and others by allowing you to manage your parking with your own equipment. On our website you will find a lot of information about parking in Umeå, here you can also buy or cancel your parking permit, or submit an appeal completely digitally. Currently, our customer service is open according to normal hours.

Our parking attendants work mainly on ensuring road safety and assisting with socially critical operations. It is about ensuring the rescue vehicles’ accessibility, facilitating road maintenance and other socially important transport.