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Other vehicles

Parking is not just for cars

Aside from parking spaces for cars, Upab offers parking for motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes and buses.

Motorhome pitches
Park near the city center

At the curling hall at Nolia there are special motorhome pitches within walking distance to Umeå´s city center. Camping guests here should follow MSB’s tips and advice. In addition, visitors should ensure that good order prevails. If there is a need to empty the latrine or shower, you can do it at First Camp Nydala.

Motorcycle parking
Parking for motorcycles

Motorcycles are allowed to park on car parking spaces. Keep in mind that fees still apply. You have the advantage of paying for parking via SMS or the Parkster app.

Bus parking
Here can buses park

There are different options to park your bus in Umeå.

You can park for up to five minutes when picking up or dropping off passengers. You can also park for 2-4 hours during the daytime or long-term park. Pay attention to the signs that say how long you can park.