Umeå Campus

Umeå Campus
Parking at Umeå Campus

To buy a monthly permit or use the discounted daily permit on the Umeå campus, you must be a student or employee at Umeå University or SLU. In order for Upab to be able to check that you are a student or employee, you must give your consent before you buy your parking permit.

Parking permits at Umeå campus

Avgiftsplats Campusområdet
With this permit you are able to park at optional space in an area marked Avgiftsplats at Umeå campus. This permit costs 200 SEK/month.

Förhyrd plats 1/9 – 31/5
With this permit you are able to park at optional space within the area you have chosen. They are marked Förhyrd plats 1/9 – 31/5. The rest of the year you can park at optional space marked Avgiftsplats. This permit costs 275 SEK/month. 

Reserverad plats
For institutions, employees, students and active companies in the area, it is possible to rent reserved spaces. This permit costs 475 SEK / month.

There is a special service permit for institutions and companies that have transport and supplies in the university area. This permit entitles you park a car in direct connection to entrances and goods entry (however, other traffic must not be hindered) as well as toll parking spaces (Avgiftsplats). Service permits costs 600 SEK/month or 150 SEK/week.

Rabatterat dygnstillstånd
In order to park on the campus area for 25 SEK/day at area marked Avgiftplats, a verification is required that you are a student / employee at Umeå University or the Swedish University of Agriculture.